Government Orders & Circulars related to plan processing
GO/Circular Number Description Date
Circular No. 52936/DA1/2008/LSGD Subsidy norms and guidelines 11/08/2008
Circular No. 50764/DA1/2008/LSGD 2008-09 annual projects - strengthening Technical Advisory Group 31/07/2008
GO (Rt) No. 2912/2008/LSGD Extending the data of submitting projects in second phase of 2008-2009 Plan 25/07/2008
GO (Rt) No. 2882/08/LSGD 2008-09 Budget proposal - Kasargod Dist. 24/07/2008
Circular No.42330/DA1/2008/LSGD Procedure for making corrections in data 30/06/2008
GO (Rt) No. 1808/2008/LSGD Last date for submitting projects in second phase of 2008-2009 Plan 26/06/2008
GO (Rt) No. 1807/2008/LSGD Travelling allowance for coordinators 26/06/2008
GO (Rt) No. 1780/2008/LSGD Plan appraisal process of Technical Advisory Group (TAG) - revised guidelines 24/06/2008
GO (MS) No. 174/2008/LSGD EMS Housing Scheme - guidelines 24/06/2008
GO(P) 1626/2008/LSGD 2008-09 complete year plan - sanctioning 03/06/2008
Circular No. 33374/DA1/08/LSGD 2008-09 Year Plan - First phase project sanction 22/05/2008
GO(Rt) 1742/2008/LSGD Decentralised Planning 2008-09 - Release of 1st instalment to LSGIs 19/05/2008
Circular No. 30245/08/DA1/LSGD 2008-2009 Year Plan- Regarding first phase project acceptance 06/05/2008
Circular No.29187/2008/DA1/LSGD 11th Plan LSGD:-Clarification-Appointment period of Co-ordinators 30/04/2008
GO(RT) 1297/2008/LSGD Project approval - Date extension 30/04/2008
GO(MS) No. 120/2008/LSGD Decentralised Planning - Data entry work for plan projects 22/04/2008
GO(MS) No. 103/2008/LSGD Guidelines for the preparation of the remaining part of 11th plan 31/03/2008
GO(MS) No. 65/2008/LSGD Guidelines for preparing the
remaining part of the XIth Five Year Plan
Circular No. 15238/DA1/08/LSGD Proceedings for correcting the issue in Xth plan 03/03/2008
GO(RT) 510/08/LSGD Short fall in annual plan - Date extended to 2008 February 29 16/02/2008
GO(RT) 478/08/LSGD General Purpose fund - release of 11th instalment for February 2008 14/02/2008
GO(RT) 479/08/LSGD Decentralised planning - release of 10th and last instalment of funds for Development and expansion 14/02/2008
GO(MS) No. 35/08/LSGD Short fall in annual plan 07/02/2008
GO(RT) No. 348/2008/LSGD 11th plan - Short fall of 2006-07 01/02/2008
GO(MS) No. 17/08/LSGD Increase in outlay of public works through beneficiary committees 16/01/2008
GO(MS) No. 13/2008/LSGD Housing for the poor - Doubling the target 15/01/2008
GO(Rt) No. 97/2008/LSGD Rental for Computer, Printer etc. - Year plan project 09/01/2008
GO(MS) No. 10/2008/LSGD PWD works - Form the State Technical Committee 09/01/2008
GO(MS) No. 9/2008/LSGD Availability of Land for Implementing Project 07/01/2008
GO(MS) No. 4/2008/LSGD

Public Works - Implementing Officer of Secretary, Grama Panchayat

GO(RT) No. 3383/2007/LSGD Revised Project data entry charge 10/12/2007
No. 22287/DP4/07/CRD Proceedings from Rural Development Commissionerate -11th plan projects - Data entry of projects 11/10/2007
GO (RT) No. 2405/2007/LSGD Computer rental for plan data entry 06/09/2007
GO (MS) No. 183/07/LSGD Guidelines for subsidy and related matters in respect of XIth Five Year Plan 24/07/2007
GO (MS) No. 128/2007/LSGD Guidelines for the Preparation of Annual Plan 2007-08 and XIth Five Year Plan (Malayalam) 14/05/2007
GO (MS) No. 128/2007/LSGD Guidelines for the Preparation of Annual Plan 2007-08 and XIth Five Year Plan (English) 14/05/2007

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