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Status of post and vacancy position of Assistant Executive Engineer

Sl No.  Name of  officer Desiganation & Parent Depatment Present Official Address  Date of birth of the officer(in ChristianEra)     Date of joining in the present station
1 Hari Gopal.K WRD LSGD SubDivision Nemom, TVPM 06/03/1963  
2 T.C.Raveendranath WRD LSGD SubDivision Vellanad,TVPM 16/01/1959  
3 K.Sivaprasad WRD O\o the CE,LSGD,TVPM 26/11/1955  
4 Vijaykumar.K.S WRD O/o the S.E,LSGD South Circle,TVPM 20/05/1958  
5 P.Sajeevan WRD LSGD Sub division Vamanapuram, TVPM 22/10/1956  
6 Cyril Vimal Mendez   (Transferred And Posted to Alathoor BP Palakkad,But Not Yet Relived) WRD LSGD Sub division Parassala, TVPM 16/4/1964  
7 S.Anwar Hussain WRD LSGD Sub division Varkala, TVPM 30/5/1962  
8 George Chacko WRD O/o the E.E,LSGD Dist Pancth,  TVPM 30/5/1959  
9 Nickacius L WRD Kazhkuttom BP,TVM 26/07/1961 14/02/2008
10 Philip Mathai WRD LSGD SubDivision Ithikkara,Kollam 31/05/1964  
11 Daisy Jacob WRD LSGD Division ,Kollam 02/10/1957
12 B.Ajayakumar WRD LSGD Sub division  Ochira,Kollam 26/5/1961
13 Sinilal.G WRD LSGD Sub division Chittumala,  Kollam 20/7/1961
14 Sreela.S WRD LSGD Sub division Kottarakkara,  Kollam 31/5/1964
15 Ajayakumar.P.J WRD LSGD Subdivision Chadayamagalam,  Kollam 04/04/1964
16 Vaccant LSGD Subdivision Chavara Sasthamkotta B P ,  Kollam
17 C.K.Jiji WRD LSGD Sub division Parakode, Pathanamthitta 28/6/1963
18 P.K.Raju WRD LSGD Sub division Konni, Pathanamthitta 15/10/1954
19 Anil.V.K WRD LSGD  Division Pathanamthitta 12/05/1959
20 Suresh Kumar.V WRD LSGD  Sub division  Pandalam,  Pathanamthitta 25/5/1964
21 Vaccant LSGD  Sub division  Koipram,  Pathanamthitta
22  K Geetha Bhai LSGD  Sub division Mallappally ,  Pathanamthitta
23 G.Vishnukumar WRD LSGD  Sub division Bharanikavu, Alappuzha 29/5/1963
24 Bhadran Pillai.S WRD LSGD   Division , Alappuzha 10/05/1960
25 S.Madhu Kumar WRD LSGD  Sub division Pattanakadu, Alappuzha 31/7/1962
26 Alexander.P.Abraham WRD LSGD  Sub division Puliyoor, Alappuzha 30/3/1956
27 V.J.Francis WRD LSGD SubDivision Veliyanad, Alappuzha 29/04/1957
28 Rekha.R WRD LSGD SubDivision Kanjikuzhy, Alappuzha 01/06/1964
29 Sheela Mary Cherian WRD LSGD  Sub division Ambalapuzha, Alappuzha 29/7/1959
30 M.K.Vijayakumar WRD LSGD Sub division Kaduthuruthy, Kottayam 10/05/1963
31 George Sam WRD LSGD Sub division Pampadi, Kottayam 27/11/1954
32 Geetha.P.R WRD LSGD Division Kottayam 30/07/1962
33 Suresh Kumar.N WRD LSGD Sub Division, Kanjirappally Kottayam 21/10/1963
34 R.Kamalasanan WRD LSGD Sub Division, Lalam Kottayam 15/11/1956
35 Sosamma.P.V WRD LSGD Sub Division, Madappally Kottayam 04/02/1963
36 T.K.Jacob WRD LSGD Division,Idukki 01/12/1955
37 S.Rajendran WRD LSGD Sub division Nedukandam,  Idukki 25/11/1956
38 Roy Issac WRD LSGD Sub division Thodupuzha,  Idukki 07/04/1961
39 T.N.Mohammed Kunju WRD LSGD Sub division IdukkiBP,Idukki 15/1/1958
40 K.George Daniel WRD LSGD Sub Division Devikulam,Idukki 05/02/1962
41 Zacharias Jacob WRD LSGD Sub Division,Vaikom Kottayam(Addl Charge Mulamthuruthy EKM) 30/11/1955
42 E.S.Jessy WRD LSGD Sub division Vadavucode, Ernakulam 30/5/1963
43 N.Robeson WRD LSGD Sub division Vytila, Ernakulam 18/3/1958
44 Sathy.T.I WRD LSGD Sub division Alangad Ernakulam 03/01/1963
45 Haleema.P.P WRD LSGD Sub division Kothamangalam, Ernakulam 04/05/1961
46 R.Christy WRD LSGD Sub division Vypin, Ernakulam 28/5/1957
47 Velayudhan.K.N WRD LSGD Sub division Pampakuda, Ernakulam 18/6/1956
48 Elizabath Korath WRD LSGD Division, Ernakulam 26/05/1964
49 Usha Kumari.G WRD LSGD Sub Division Angamaly, Ernakulam 31/07/1962
50 P.M.Gopi WRD LSGD Sub division Kodugallur,  Thrissur 15/7/1953
51 K.A.Vilasini WRD LSGD Sub division Anthikad,Thrissur 10/08/1957
52 O.R.Beena WRD LSGD Sub division Pazhayanur,   Thrissur 31/1/1962
53 Ravindran.C.V WRD LSGD SubDivision Puzhakkal,  Thrissur 17/05/1960
54 Nandan.T.R WRD LSGD SubDivision Vadakkanchery,  Thrissur 12/04/1962
55 Yatheendran.P.V  (Leave For 120 Days From 01-12-2007) WRD LSGD SubDivision Mullassery,  Thrissur 20/05/1959
56 V.A.Rukkia WRD LSGD SubDivision Vellangallor,  Thrissur 20/04/1958
57 K.C.Padmanabhan WRD LSGD SubDivision Chalakkudy,  Thrissur 25/06/1959
58 C.K.Jagadambika WRD LSGD SubDivision Irijalakkuda,  Thrissur 27/07/1962
59 Lucy.M.Mampily WRD LSGD Division   Thrissur 07/10/1959
60 Vaccant LSGD  division   Malappuram
61 A.P.Ramachandran WRD LSGD Sub division Ramapuram,   Malappuram 15/5/1953
62 A.Muhammed Ashraf WRD LSGD Sub division Vengara,   Malappuram 28/5/1964
63 C.D.Varghese WRD LSGD Sub division Tirur,   Malappuram 22/4/1961
64 Moideen Kutty.T.P WRD LSGD SubDivision Thirurangadi,  Malappuram 15/08/1958
65 K R Gopinathan  WRD LSGD SubDivision Ponnani,  Malappuram 08/02/1956
66 K.E.AbdulSathar WRD LSGD SubDivision Nilambur,  Malappuram 14/02/1955
67 Sulaiman Kutty.O WRD LSGD SubDivision Kondotty,  Malappuram 10/04/1962
68 Prabhasanker WRD LSGD  division , Palakkad
69 P.I.Raveendran WRD LSGD Sub division Thrithala, Palakkad 22/8/1955
70 T.K.Prabhakaran WRD LSGD Sub Division Kallekkad, Palakkad 23/01/1957
71 A.S.Mohanan WRD LSGD Sub Division Malampuzha, Palakkad 13/05/1955
72 Ajayakumar.P.V WRD LSGD Sub Division Nemmara, Palakkad 25/04/1962
73 Cyril Vimal Mendez,Parassala BP   Was posted .But Not Yet Joined LSGD Sub Division Alathoor, Palakkad
74 N.Sukumaran WRD LSGD Sub Division Mannarkad, Palakkad 03/02/1959
75 MohammedBasheer.T WRD LSGD Division ,Kozhikode 24/5/1964
76 P.S.Baburaj WRD LSGD Sub division Thodannur,   Kozhikode 29/5/1964
77 Vasanthy.K.K WRD LSGD Sub division Kunnamangalm,  Kozhikode 31/5/1960
78 Aly.K WRD LSGD Sub division Kunnummal,  Kozhikode 01/05/1964
79 R.Sivaprasadan Pillai WRD LSGD Sub Division Panthalayani, Kozhikode 03/04/1964
80 P.V.MohanDas WRD LSGD Sub Division Chelannur, Kozhikode 15/05/1953
81 Posted sri BabuChinnappan and not ye joined LSGD Sub Division Balussery, Kozhikode
82 C.Umadevi WRD O/o the S.E,LSGD North Circle,Kozhikode 03/04/1957
83 Vaccant LSGD  division ,Wayanad
84 P.Ibrahim Kutty WRD LSGD Sub division Sulthan Bathery,Wayanad 01/05/1960
85 Vaccant LSGD Sub division Mananthavady,     Wayanad
86 K.V.Sajeevan WRD LSGD  Division Kannur 26/5/1964
87 M.V.Shamsuddeen WRD LSGD Sub division Thaliparambhu, Kannur 18/5/1962
88 C.R.Eison David WRD LSGD Sub division ,KannurBP 07/06/1953
89 P.M.Gopinath WRD LSGD Sub division Peravoor ,Kannur 07/04/1964
90 Vaccant LSGD Sub division Irikkoor ,Kannur
91 K.Kishore Kumar WRD LSGD Sub division Kuthuparambu ,Kannur 03/02/1957
92 K.P.Mohanadasan WRD LSGD Division Kasaragod 22/12/1958
93 Babu Chinnappan Transferred And Posted to Balussery BP Kozhikkode, But has not yet Relived mean time Abduljaleel is posted as AEE from WRD.He did not Joined yet WRD LSGD Sub division Kasaragod 30/5/1964
94 Vaccant LSGD Sub division  Kanchangadu  Kasaragod

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