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Committee of Decentralisation of Powers, in Vol3 part A of its final report on “strengthening of professional and ministerial support to local governments” had given detailed recommendations on the development of Engineering Cadre to local governments to cope with the functional responsibilities transferred to them under Kerala Panchayati Raj act 1994 and Kerala Municipality Act 1994. As per the order GO (MS) No 253/2007/LSGD dated 13/11/2007, Government decided to create separate engineering cadre in the Local Self Government Department. Today Local Self Government Department has a strong Engineering Wing. This wing has been set up on 1.10.2008 by grouping technically qualified officials of PWD, Water Works Department, Poverty Alleviation Units, Kerala State Rural Roads Development Agency and all engineering staff of Panchayath Department, Municipalities and Corporations.

Engineering Wing: Staff Strength (As on 01.11.2017)

Website: www.celsgd.com

Status of Projects

Type of LSGI Progress of Works Tendered Progress of Expenditure
Coporation Status >> Status >>
Municipality Status >> Status >>
District Panchayath Status >> Status >>
Block Panchayath Status >> Status >>
Grama Panchayath Status >> Status >>


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